deal alert- Tarjay bucket chairs


While perusing Tarjay yesterday, I came upon these beauties:

It seems Target has updated their fabric offerings on the tub chairs and I'm loooooving the new choices. As they say, Target does it again- great chairs, great price! Oh how I wish I had a place for a pair of the Togo.........

client work: a room for books


Have been doing some work with one of my bestie's on her formal living room/library. Given that she is one of the most avid readers I know, it is only appropriate that her house have a space dedicated to reading and just general prettiness/relaxation/conversation. Perhaps with a Pride and Prejudice sitting room vibe..... not familiar? Here is a visual on that.

Here are some images that got our wheels spinning.

And here is what I came up with for her space:

She already scored the most amazing vintage tuxedo sofa..... that print! It speaks to me.

 Plan to do lots and lots of bookcases using this idea.

This chair (courtesy of the of sometimes awesome Tulsa CraigsList) would make a great desk chair. Paired with a white-lacquered-something-fabulous-yet to-be-found.

She's had a coffee table almost exactly like this one for a while. It totally gets to stay.

So-- this space is well on its way! And of course, there will be touches of brass, blue and white and great art to bring in some modernity.

have you seen?


Some fun interweb finds for you to peruse before it's officially the weekend...

- The key to success. Wasn't really that surprising to me - but a great reminder, no less.

- This apartment speaks to me.

- Thought this look from Chassity was perfect. Okay, okay - it was from last week but I'm still loving it so had to share.

- Started a new kitchen project this week, and this pin is reeeeally inspiring me.

- Very excited to follow along the progress of some of my fav. One Room Challenge ladies. I bow down to all of them for committing to this!

- I've been making some great progress on Miss Flo! Until I get professional pics taken, feel free to follow along on my Instagram.

Have a great one!

OMM : March 2014


Haven't done one of these posts in a while and I thought it was due time! Just a little bit of what has been On My Mind last month :)

TV Show: RHONY is back.... Don't worry, I've made great progress on my 'less tv' resolution.... but this series is one I am allowing myself to keep up with. I'm mostly in it for Carole Radziwill's fashion sense. And, let's be real, for the crazy...

Song: Always appreciate a good cover. Listen to this one.

Blog: If you don't follow Blue Print Blog yet - you must! Full of great design tips and inspiration. Also doesn't hurt that every. single. item. in their store is drool worthy.

Inspiring Designer/Blogger/Instagrammer: She is all three in one! After seeing this image of Paloma's recently updated home, I am chomping at the bit to see what else she has changed.

Beauty Product: Not a product so much as a tip. Have been doing this and loving it!

Blessing: It's a two parter this month! My business is going really well I can't help but feel so blessed by it. I've got great clients, great projects.... it's all great! So happy.

It was also my birthday this month and I loved getting to spend that day with my mom, sister, brother, hubby and BFF. It was truly a fabulous birthday celebration! If the rest of my 28th year is anything like my bday, it's going to be the best one yet!

Here is me with my bday gifts:


Just kidding :)
Inspiring Quote: mmmm hmmmm. A good reminder to choose be mentally strong every day.

Obsessing: Over this blogger's house renovation. It is complete glamorous, bold perfection. 

Go-to outfit:  Has been quite similar to:

Accessory: Got these earrings as a bday present from my sweet Hub and I think I've worn them about 15 times since then.

Trips being planned: In May, the Hubs and I will celebrate 5 years of marital bliss! Thinking a weekend getaway to Charleston will be the perfect way to commemorate the occasion.

Routine: It's finally smoothie season again! Once the weather turns a bit warmer, I love a good daily smoothie. My fav is really similar to this.

So that's a little bit what was on my mind this past month! Hope yours was a great one!

have you seen?


We made it! Happy Friday to you all. Here are my favs of the internet this week- hope you enjoy!

 - Beautiful apartment tour via (where else?) House Beautiful.

- I thought there was some really great tips in this article. But I might be just a bit biased?! :)

- Slightly ashamed to say I really enjoyed reading this

- It's no surprise that I think this is just about the chicest thing I've ever seen. 

- Well, maybe this is the chicest. Can't decide.

- Worth your time and consideration. Should we move past our Beyonce obsession?

- Made me crack up! Why does Daisy get her ice cream first?  
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