little red dress


When eshakti reached out to me to do another product review, I was thrilled! I have worked with them twice in the past, here and here. And I am happy to say that both of the items I reviewed are still on heavy rotation in my closet! Just wore that fabulous jacket the other day :)

This go round, I decided to customize this dress by changing the sleeve length as well as the skirt length.

And I am super happy with how it turned out.


The fabric is a great, heavy weight- perfect to stand alone or it definitely works for layering as well.

You know I love me some red, so I am thrilled to have a new little red dress to work into my wardrobe.

Thanks so much to eshakti for working with me again! Have a great week, everyone!

back splash conundrums


Yes - there definitely is such a thing as a back splash conundrum. I know this because I am having one. Even though I posted a design plan for our kitchen reno before and was fully confident in that vision.... I am now changing my mind and continuing to weigh my options.

Why? Because designers are their own worst client and they can't leave well enough alone. (just ask my Hubs)

We are still in the planning/bidding process of our kitchen reno, so I have time to weigh lots of different options. And before even one item in our kitchen is touched, I would like to have every item decided on and ordered so there are absolutely no delays. Nothing messes with a renovation timeline like back ordered items.... and budgets - ha!

Anyway. I initially wanted the classic, much loved white subway tile. Which would definitely be a fantastic choice.

However, I have this nagging thought that if I can't do something even a little bit fun and different -- why on earth should a client listen to me when I tell them to do it!?

So I started looking. And I found this.


Painted cement tiles in a fun pattern? Sign me up.

So I was alllllllllllllllll set to do that until I came across this:

It is fantastic and Emily Henderson is a genius. So now, my head is swimming with ideas about how to incorporate a brass trim into my back splash......

Decisions, decisions, as they say. Have a great weekend, everyone!

a Chairish home bar


When Chairish reached out to me about creating my dream home bar, I was thrilled! It is no secret that I love absolutely vintage furniture, which Chiarish has an incredible, curated selection of. And, if I am being honest, a bar is something that I happen to think is high priority for every home!

This pair of Pierre Cardin bar stools (available for pick up in Dallas!) caught my eye  from the get go - hello RED! Think this pair would be perfect in and really pop against a more neutral backdrop:

 Like this look? Get it here:
bar stools. turtle shell. chevron decanter. champagne glasses. starburst mirror. raffia tray. coasters.

Be sure to check out Chairish's selection of bar stools - they have something for everyone!

our new kitchen: the plan


Since it's been quite a bit since I last blogged, I thought I would come back with a very long and exciting (at least to me!) post.

We knew when we moved into our house last year that a kitchen reno was on 'the list.' And I am happy to say we are getting closer to actually taking this project on. A kitchen is definitely one of the most involved renovation projects, so I have been thinking about what I want to do in this space and planning for this project pretty much since we moved in.

Like with most projects, I like to start with pretty pictures. Here is my direction/inspiration....


Here is what we are working with. All these pics are pulled from the real estate listing when we purchased the house. While we have made a few minor changes, like changing light fixture, adding a rug, painting the built in hutch, etc, this space is pretty much the same today- cramped and in need of an update.

I do plan to keep a pretty similar layout to what we currently have. Keeping the appliances/plumbing in the same place will be a big cost savings, and it actually is a pretty functional layout. We will also keep most of the appliances, as they are relatively new. I am not someone who purchases something brand spanking new if it isn't totally necessary. And it is definitely not totally necessary in this case!

Right now, our kitchen is basically a walk through, narrow galley. The new kitchen will be much more open to the adjoining spaces, but will definitely be its own room. And, being that our house was built in 1928, I want to keep some of the historic/cottagey feel, so doing an open concept just isn't my jam for this space.

The plan in words:
Demo: We are hoping to widen the opening between the dining room and kitchen. I am slightly old school and do like to have definition between spaces, but this opening could stand to be larger. 

The wall dividing the kitchen and the family room has got to go. After it comes down, we will add a peninsula that will 1 - double our counter top space 2 - have glass front uppers to house our pretty stuff and 3 - be a perch for 2 cute bar stools. This will be the biggest game changer for the room.

Cabinets: I have pretty much decided to go with Ikea cabinets. After doing a lot of research on the issue, it seems to be the best choice all in. With this kitchen, I am just not going to have the budget for custom cabinets, but I am so excited to see how I can make Ikea cabinets feel custom for my space. If you are interested - or skeptical :) - about Ikea cabinets, I encourage you to read the following. 1. 2. 3. 4

I am going to go with the Adel style in white. It is a classic shaker style, and definitely my favorite option looks-wise. There are some gorgeous Adel kitchens out there- lots of inspiration to pull from!

I really love the color of the cabinets that we currently have (Benjamin Moore Carrington Beige). It is unique and feels appropriate for the time the house was built in. But I am faltering on if I want to paint the new cabinets or just leave them white. I'm guessing they will remain white... but we will see.

Vent hood: Having a microwave above the range is pretty much my least favorite thing aesthetically speaking. I am planning to do something more like this. Will relocate the microwave to the peninsula.

Floors: patch, sand, refinish to match the rest of the house.

Sink: Farmhouse.

Counters: Leaning toward river white granite. Granite is a durable, re-sale friendly option. I will look for a slab with lots of white in it. Examples: 1. 2.

Back splash: Going with the perennial favorite: white subway, traditional install. Classic, pretty, easy to clean.

Lighting: I want to do something fun over the peninsula and am leaning toward the Visual Comfort Goodman Pendant or a big globe.

Cabinet hardware: I'm all over the board on this. Brass? Polished nickel? Glass? Probably brass.Think it will help warm up all the white that will be going on.

Stools: The red bar stools in this kitchen speak to me. They will be the 'fun' that I like every space to have.

And because a visual is always helpful:

Let me just say - I am VERY excited about this project!

a little imagination


Working with clients who are happy to take chances makes me a very happy designer. All it took was a bit of imagination to make this gorgeousness a reality.

Would you believe this is how we found it? Base was removed in these pics, but you get the idea.

More angles:

And before:

And the last 'after' --

Upholstery can work wonders!

Also- I very obviously have been neglecting the blog lately. I feel so, so lucky to be busy working on design projects, but it does leave less time for blogging. For more consistent updates on what I'm working on, follow me on Instagram @emilyswensondavis

Hope you all have had an amazing week! Happy Friday!
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